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f) Around the clock service by experienced operators and service technicians
g) Property values stabilized with sewer disposal methods identified
h) The complete system is sealed from outside water infiltration during storms or floods, thus Environment Protection vs. open septic drain lines mixing with raised ground and surface water)

a) Elimination of septic systems failures
b) Possible lots reclaimed as buildable
c) Lot division can be reduced in size based on Carteret County Regulations
d) Septic systems areas reclaimed as usable for home additions, garages, storage buildings, etc
e) Residential waste water being disposed of by an Engineered Waste Water Treatment Plant, possessing state of the art technology and monitored daily by certified technicians and strict oversight by North Carolina Division of Environment and Natural Resources

Around the clock service by 

experienced operators 

and service technicians

Harker’s Island Sewer Company, LLC is a North Carolina Public Utility Company, and offers sewer service to the residents of Harkers Island, North Carolina.​